Welcome to Savera Hospital

SAVERA is a unit of Radha Ballabh Health Care And Research Institute Private Limited

Savera Cancer Hospital has the most modern world class facilities for Surgical Oncology. It has two International size Modular Operation Theater which is fully equipped, One SemiModular Operation Theater, One General Operation Theater & One Emergency Operation Theater.

The OT’s have World class OT Lights, Anaesthesia Ventilator, Central Suction & Central Gas Pipelines, One of the best Cautery & Vessel Sealers. Utmost planning for Operation Threater has been done for space utilisation for as this is divided in various Zones namely, Clean Zone, SemiSterile Zone, & Sterile Zone. A standard size CSSD(Sterlisation unit) fully equipped with Two Big size Horizontal Autoclaves, Flash Autoclave, ETO Sterliser, Ultrasonic Cleaner etc. The Operation Theater is backed up with Fully Equipped ICU & Post operative ward.

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